Electronic Money Award 2022 Winners Are Revealed

Following the extensive nomination and voting period, the top businesses in the electronic money industry have been announced in the first ever Electronic Money Awards.


Organised by leading financial awards company, Holiston Media, the Electronic Money Awards 2022 celebrate excellence and innovation in the global e-money issuers and payment service providers sector, singling out those businesses who are championing the most innovative products and providing the highest levels of services to their customers.

Comments Mike Boydell, Director at Holiston Media, “We saw a gap in the market to provide a transparent awards scheme for those operating in the electronic money sector and the industry has responded with real enthusiasm. The awards received a high volume of company nominations, with more than 2,000 unique votes received during the voting period and we are incredibly pleased with how well these new awards have been received.”


The Electronic Money Awards 2022 included 12 categories covering both the corporate and personal digital finance sectors. The winning businesses, as voted for by the industry, are as follows:

Best Bank Transfer Solution - TorFX

Best Foreign Exchange Service - Currencies Direct

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange - Coinbase

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Solution - B2BinPay

Best High-Risk Merchant Payment Solution - Unlimint

Best EMI Solution - FX - Breinrock

Best EMI Solution - Gaming - Unlimint

Best EMI Solution - Offshore - Trustly

Best Payment Gateway Solution - PayPal

Best Innovation in Payment Solutions - Match2Pay

Overall EMI of the Year - Breinrock

Overall Payment Solution of the Year - Global Reach Group

Continues Mike, “We’re delighted with the high calibre of the winners who have all been chosen by those businesses and professionals using their products and services.


“Winning an Electronic Money Award is a fantastic way for them to benchmark their success against their peers, reward staff for their hard work, allow them to stand out from the crowd to attract new potential customers and strengthen their reputation with their current client base,” concludes Mike.


The Nomination period is now closed

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The Public Voting period is now closed


The winners of the 2022 awards have been announced


Best Bank Transfer Solutions

Bank Transfer Solutions that work for individuals and their money have become paramount. This award will recognise who is offering the best Bank Transfer Solutions. Our winner will have built a foundation of offering competitive rates with an accurate, real-time reading of global exchange rates.

Best Foreign Exchange Service

The winners of this award will pride themselves on providing a cost-effective, innovative and tailored FX exchange to multi-sized businesses across a wide range of industries.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchanges offer people a place to purchase, sell and trade altcoins. The winner of this award will be highly-committed to making it easier for investors to buy, sell and trade all variants of cryptocurrencies.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

Cryptocurrency Payments enhance the payment process with the use of digital currencies now used on an everyday basis. This award will reflect on who are the true leaders in cryptocurrency payments.

Best High-Risk Merchant Payment Solution

Traditional banks tend to avoid High-Risk Merchant Payments. With high chargebacks, discounts, fraud and higher volume turnover commonplace, the winner of this award will be a merchant looking beyond the risks involved and provide unparalleled service and solution.

Best EMI Solution – FX

More businesses are now looking for innovation when it comes to their digital approach to finance.  This award focuses on the merchants offering the most comprehensive and innovative solutions available to the field of forex trading.

Best EMI Solution – Gaming

An extremely profitable component of the gambling industry, online gaming is however risky. This award will be for the merchants that look beyond the risks and strive to offer service and solutions that go above and beyond.

Best EMI Solution – Offshore

More businesses are now looking for innovation when it comes to their digital approach to finance.  This award focuses on the merchants offering the most comprehensive and innovative offshore financing solutions available.

Best Payment Gateway Solution

Payment gateways provide a secure method for handling customers payments.  The winner of this award will relish the task of offering the highest level of service and security when it comes to data encryption, payment authorisation, order filling and processing, and delivery address verification. 

Best Innovation in Payment Solutions

Innovation has continued to be vital in the transformation of the payments industry. It is a cornerstone of financial technology and particularly important to the payments sphere. The winner of this award will be leading from the front in payment innovation.

Overall EMI of the Year

Electronic Money Institutions are continuing to gain in popularity with more and more businesses looking for an innovative digital approach to their banking and finance.  Cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, payment transparency, increased security measures and overall customer satisfaction have been a driving force behind their surge.  The winner of this award will be an authorised e-money institution offering a package to suit all requirements.

Overall Payment Solution of the Year

The payments industry is at the centre of a banking revolution.  Traditional banks, once the guardians of payments, have lost out to proactive fintechs. Payment processing has taken full advantage of the technological advances that are changing the way that businesses buy, transfer funds (domestically and internationally), and expect money to be readily available.  The winner of this award will be adoptive of new advancements and technologies so that they can offer their clients the latest in payment solutions.


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